Woody Rousseau

Woody Rousseau

Woody Rousseau has been involved in many short and long agile projects at Theodo, working both on mobile and web technologies.

He's now as a Deputy CTO defining technical strategies for new projects to maximise the business value brought to clients, still providing technical expertise in mostly Javascript technologies, such as React or React Native.

Talk: Web-like agility utopia - for mobile

The web is great. You can develop fast, deploy even faster, and all your customers get your latest work instantly. It's agile basically! When we entered the mobile development market at Theodo, we had that ideal in mind. Here's how we reached it using an agile mobile development ecosystem including:

React Native to code features for iOS and Android
in half the time it would take with a native approach
with reusable front-end components
with dev tools that increase productivity
Fastlane to bring DevOps to mobile
Automating the provisioning
Automating the deployment
CodePush to deploy new features instantly