Tobias Mayer

Tobias Mayer

Tobias Mayer became a Scrum trainer and coach in 2005, among the first 25 trainers, worldwide, certified to teach Scrum by Ken Schwaber, its co-founder.
Skilled as a developer, tester and engineering manager, Tobias also has a background in publishing, theatre arts, and community service work. He skillfully blends this unusual mix of experiences when teaching Scrum, creating a lively and engaging experience..

Tobias is a regular speaker and keynoter at Agile conferences, and the author of the highly acclaimed, and somewhat controversial book, The People’s Scrum . He blogs regularly on LinkedIn, Medium and Business Craftsmanship, and is known as the creator and curator of AgileLib.Net, the world’s foremost collection of Agile resources.

Keynote: Writers of code, awake from your slumber

Those running the show, our managers, executives, CEOs… they seek perfection. They seek solutions. They seek quick fixes. The more foolish seek repeatable process. But honestly, it’s all a big mess — software, and people, that is. A big, chaotic mess. And the proposed solutions, the Agile processes, the Scrum certificates, it’s all a big sham. There is no rescue. There is no one-size-fits-all. There is no process that will fix your problems. There is no magic wand, no magician-coach, no savior, no manager, no intrepid leader …it is all a myth.

You are almost completely doomed.


Workshop: The Why of Scrum

The Why of Scrum is an experience that looks beyond Scrum rules and process and into the heart of Scrum, drawing out its meaning and purpose and helping you understand its transformative power.
The Why of Scrum is not role-restricted. It is for any practitioner of Scrum, whether ScrumMaster, Product Owner, team member, or manager/director/executive supporting a Scrum transition—i.e. all those who take Scrum seriously and wish to leverage its values, principles and overall philosophy towards the creation of a meaningful and productive workplace.