Lightning Talks

Meet the speakers of our engaging and motivational lightning talks.

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Radu Davidescu

Agile Independent Consultant
Dad, ex-lead vocals in a punk rock band, enthusiastic photographer, IT savvy, teams architect, trainer and facilitator.

Talk: The Agile Squads
Why should be doing it “agile style”? How fast an agile team can iterate? What is “the perfect structure” of an agile development team? There are no one size fits all and silver bullets. Agile squads is not about fake or forced success story and it’s more like a guided collective exercise of imagination. The Agile squads it’s a 10 minutes introspection that aims to reveal a possible viable agile setup.
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Adrian Suciu

Product Camp Bucharest
I have worked in various types of teams and organizations, both small and large ones and coordinated mixed teams (developers, system administrators, content managers).
Organizer at Product Camp Bucharest and Agile Coach Camp Romania

Talk: TBA
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Alecsandru Grigoriu

Lead UX Designer
I’m Alecsandru and I’m Lead UX Designer at Grapefruit.
I coordinate a small design team and I specialize in designing product-like experiences from the ground up using well crafted processes.

Talk: How do you validate your design? Brief insights and stories regarding user research and testing.