Eduardo Boucas

Eduardo Boucas

I am a software engineer with a crush on the web. I’ve been on a journey with content and data management, from fighting to get the best out of decade-old monolithic systems to recent adventures in decoupled platforms powered by microservices.
I’ve been working with and heavily studying microservices and patterns for decoupled systems in the past few years. I’m currently working on a book entitled “Mastering Node.js microservices” to be published in Q2 2017.

Talk: Learning to COPE(Create Once Publish Everywhere)

I have spent the last 12 years using and experimenting with different approaches to data and content management on digital platforms. It has always felt as though technology could only provide one answer to the many questions clients and business owners wanted to ask of it – requirements always got folded into a brittle, monolithic platform that lacked the flexibility to really leverage the power of content and user data.

Things improved as I discovered the benefits of API-driven headless content management but it wasn’t until recent years spent working with a lightweight, API-first microservices platform that I began to feel technology was part of a solution rather than the problem. We could now change the tech to support the requirement, rather than adjust the strategy to meet platform limitations.

In this presentation I walk through a decade of experience in developing digital products driven by content and data management – and show how a more flexible approach to technology can deliver better user experiences and deliver against even more complex client demands. Or, in short, how mixing a COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) approach and truly decoupled platforms can take the pain out of building digital products.