Dr. Arne Beckhaus

Arne Beckhaus

Dr. Arne Beckhaus is a business IT graduate and started his professional career in 2007 in the software industry, acquiring experience in analyzing and optimizing software development processes in various management roles. His current focus is on implementing lean methodologies in the field of Research and Development. Thereby, he follows the approach of minimizing work in process queues, quantifying decisions economically, decentralizing control, etc.
In his opinion, this is the only approach really addressing the needs of the Research and Development field instead of only copying successes of lean manufacturing superficially (Value Stream Mapping, Obeya rooms, etc.).

Talk: Digital transformation: Shaping tomorrow today

Becoming a digital organization requires fundamentally changing how you do business as it changes organizations with the new potential and possibilities given by a digitalized world. It highly influences communication and collaboration in the first maturity level (processes, culture and organizational structures) and finally influences the strategy and product-/service portfolio. This includes an Enterprise Social Media Infrastructure, new Leadership models, Mobility and working in virtual teams, new methods for change, knowledge and learning, big data (data collecting, consolidation and analysis) as well as industry 4.0 (intelligent plant - smart factory). Digital Transformation is 80% about culture and only 20% about technology.