Ádám Sándor

Adam Sandor

Ádám moved from application development to a consultancy career in cloud native computing. He currently works at Amsterdam-based consultancy Container Solutions. He is helping companies succeed in improving their delivery of business critical software by combining his application development experience with knowledge of container-based infrastructure.

Talk: Enabling DevOps with Kubernetes

First and foremost DevOps is a mindset, not a technological solution. Without the right technology however implanting a DevOps culture can be an uphill battle. In this talk I’ll demonstrate how smart infrastructure built on the Kubernetes container orchestration engine enables DevOps. Instead of scripting complex deployment processes the Ops team can focus on delivering and running of the platform while developers can enjoy the high level services it provides to rapidly deliver new software.
I will demonstrate the following features as delivered by Kubernetes:
* Autoscaling
* Load balancing
* Service discovery
* Rolling updates
* Configuration management
* Application isolation